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Brick Cleaning & De-Painting

Soda blasting technology is a great way to clean brick or to remove paint from brick, either on interior brickwork or exterior brick on homes or commercial buildings. If you need to clean, or remove a coating such as paint please inquire about how soda blasting can be put to work for you.

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We cleaned up the brick (and wood floor joist) on this fourplex in Streetsville, that is being converted into office space. The owner, who had experience as a sand blaster, realized that sand blasting would be too aggressive – he was amazed at the beautiful job we provided. We will have some photos to add after the renovations are finished!

This house in the Hamilton area was covered in Ivy and the home owner wanted it removed and the brick cleaned – a final wash down of the brick after the picture was taken would remove any remaining soda dust. Soda blasting is excellent for this application; free of the severe profiling that is so often the case with sandblasting.

This wall, and several others, is part of an historical building on the property of an international company. The building was being brought back into use through a major renovation project, and the architect wanted to incorporate the original brick wall into the final design.  The wall was cleaned of soda residue after the blasting was complete- this picture shows a dramatic difference from the painted area to the blasted area.  The architect selected our method over chemical stripping due to its eco-friendliness.

This brickwork is part of an old industrial building that had been converted to business units for high end use. While the painted brick had been acceptable for the previous building use, the owner felt that the exposed brick would much better suit the new clientele. Power washing had been tried on this area as you can see in the photo, but it was money wasted!

This upper floor is situated over a lower retail space that was being completely renovated for a new business. 
The owner wanted to give the upper section a facelift to match the renovated lower section.

This stone trimmed house cleaned up so dramatically that the homeowner switched from contrasting the stone with a white door, to contrasting the cleaned up stone with a black door!

If you are considering interior brick cleaning or de-painting, keep in mind that this work is noisy and very dusty and is best performed when you are undertaking major renovations.  If you have the budget to cover it, it can be done however, but containment and portable dust filtration is not for the budget conscious.

Parimeters such as the age, condition, and type of brick, and / or the amount and type of paint, amount of plaster or mortar, etc., all have a bearing on whether you surface can be cleaned or de-painted.  Please inquire!

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