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Residential Applications
Soda blasting technology has many Residential Applications. If you need to clean, or remove a coating such as paint or stain, please inquire about how soda blasting can be put to work for you.

We cleaned up the brick and limestone trim on one of the oldest homes in Oakville Ė baking soda blasting is quick and effective in removing over 100 years accumulation of grime.

Here the brick and limestone is cleaned part way up the lower windows. Note the transformation in the limestone window surrounds and the brightness of the brick in the lower areas!

Baking soda blasting does an excellent job of cleaning up concrete walls and sidewalks, removing years of accumulation of dirt and grime, returning the substrate to a "like new" appearance.

This house in the Hamilton area was covered in Ivy and the home owner wanted it removed and the brick cleaned Ė a final wash down of the brick after the picture was taken would remove any remaining soda dust. Soda blasting is excellent for this application; free of the severe profiling that is so often the case with sandblasting.

The removal of paint from cast iron radiators is performed in our blast booth at 2576 Dunwin Drive in Mississauga. The customer is responsible for arranging delivery and pickup. If you are on a large property outside the city, we may be able to do them on site. Please inquire.

The homeowner wanted the clear sealer removed from these patterned concrete stairs, as there was extreme bubbling of the sealer due to moisture trapped underneath. He had tried it himself with a chemical stripper he bought at a big box home improvement chain. It didnít work and the fumes made him sick. We solved the problem in a couple of hours. The owner was very happy with the finished product and didnít intend to re-seal the patterned concrete.

The soda blasting method works great on steel rails and fences, removing paint from foundation walls, removing stains from interlocking driveways and walks, removing coatings from swimming pools, and many other applications. Please call with all your blast cleaning or coating removal problems. We probably have a solution.

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