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Swimming Pool Paint Removal
Our swimming pool coating / paint removal solutions benefit both the homeowner looking to have their pool de-painted prior to repainting the pool themselves, as well as the pool maintenance professional looking for a high quality de-painted surface, with sufficient profile for good paint bonding.

Our low abrasive blasting method can remove failing coatings down to concrete or to previously applied good coatings, without the high abrasiveness and potential concrete damage, or huge cleanup associated with sandblasting. We use soda blasting or one of our other low abrasion blasting methods – never sand blasting.

We get calls from people who want their swimming pool “sandblasted”  Really what's needed is a coating removed to a good surface. Sandblasting in the traditional sense, with sand as the blast media, can be much too aggressive. You can end up with a pool that needs extensive concrete repairs due to over blasting. We never, ever use sand - our lower impact eco-friendly blasting media leaves a surface that pool re-finishers love.

This commercial pool had multiple failed coatings.  The pool was taken down to bare concrete (marbelite) – And that's no problem with our low abrasion approach.  

Check out our page Why Not Sandblasting for more information.

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