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Graffiti Removal
We are graffiti removal pros. Our speciality is removal by baking soda blasting, extremely quick and effective on brick, stone and concrete. We back this up with environmentally sensible chemical solutions (with pressure wash rinse, if necessary) for glass, aluminum siding, painted metal and plastic. Different substrates require different solutions – we know what is required for your particular application.

We show up on site fully equipped and prepared, providing effective graffiti removal solutions. For smaller graffiti removal projects, the greater Toronto area from Hamilton to Oshawa and north to Vaughan is generally our service area. For larger projects, such as the one shown below. please inquire.
And being centrally located ( Mississauga ) means we are probably closer to you, which means less travel time, which, whether other companies include it in the price or charge it separately, will be a part of your total cost.

We feel that soda blasting is absolutely the best solution. It’s quick, effective, and you are not washing chemical removers and liquidified paint into the ground.  We will provide free digital photos upon request to anyone that wishes to have a record of the graffiti and the removal. Just ask!

The project at right, only a part of which is in the photo, required the use of a specialized bridge boom ( allowing us to go down and tuck under the overhang ), qualified operators, multiple blast machines, lane closures, etc.

We can't preventing graffiti, but we do however, have the solution to remove it. We are graffiti removal solution specialist, removing graffiti from brick, concrete, stone, wood, metal, glass, plastic, aluminum siding, and more.

Statistics show that graffiti removed promptly ( usually 24 to 72 hours ), is less likely to re-appear.

Graffiti should be removed right away. It makes a neighbourhood look terrible and the faster you take it off, the less likely it'll re-appear.

services Southern and Central Ontario, serving Toronto ( GTA ), Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Barrie, Georgetown, Acton, Guelph, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Oshawa, Milton and other neighboring areas. We are available throughout Ontario and beyond, depending on the project. Please inquire about your particular project.

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