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Industrial / Commercial
Soda blasting technology, and other abrasives have many industrial / commercial applications. If you need to clean or remove coatings inside or outside your facility, we have a solution for you. We can provide the Eco-friendly solutions that more and more companies and government bodies are demanding, something we’ve been providing since 2001. If you are not familiar with soda blasting, rest assured that this is a time proven method of cleaning and coating removal, first developed to restore the Statue of Liberty 20+ years ago. We offer both mobile and shop solutions.

We can provide an SSPC-SP-5,6,7,10 finish to steel.

Precast concrete panel cleanup-
In the project above, a new addition had been added to the front(right side in picture) of the building. The existing panels were darker due to weather exposure and water staining. We soda blasted and gave the building a uniform appearance. At left, precast panels and concrete required soda blasting

Foundation Coating removal-
The old foundation coating was failing requiring a complete excavation of the foundation walls and footing. We removed the old sealer and cleaned up the concrete, so the remedial work could be completed

Corrugated decking paint removal-
In galvanized roof re-painting applications, soda blasting allows us to strip old paint, surface contaminants, etc., without removing the galvanized coating. The end result is a roof deck ready for painting.

Light to medium sandblast finish-
Here we are providing a “light sandblast” finish to some new concrete panels at the Princes’ Gates. We can provide a light to medium sandblast finish using Eco sensible blast media – there is absolutely no need to use silica sand.

Please check out our Why Not Sandblasting page for more info. on why we don’t use silica sand as a blasting media

Please inquire about other cleaning or coating removal problems you have in your plant, commercial building, office, etc. We also clean or remove coatings from equipment, remove grease from floors, graffiti from just about everything. It’s also a great solution should you have fire or mold related cleanup requirements. Call us - we can probably help.

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