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Company Profile
We’ve been in the soda blasting business since 2001, and since then we’ve realized the many applications for a "soft" abrasive blasting method in the cleaning and coating removal industry. This industry traditionally used toxic chemicals and hazardous blasting media; here was a solution that was environmentally sensible, non-hazardous and non-toxic. This new method not only promotes environmental stewardship, but in most cases it is absolutely superior to any other method. In about 95% of the inquiries requesting “sandblasting” we can provide a better solution – less unneeded impact on the substrate, less material to cleanup. Please check out our page on Why Not Sandblasting

was formed to position us at the forefront of this relatively new technology. This technology was developed about 20 years ago, for restoration work on the Statue of Liberty, so rest assured that, although relatively new, this is a time tested and proven method of cleaning and coating removal.

We started out as a soda blasting company, but quickly determined that some cleaning and coating removal problems are better solved using other blast media, such as calcium carbonate, corn cob, walnut shell, and recycled crushed glass. Soda blasting has, for us anyway, turned in to a generic term for eco-sensible soft abrasive blasting. These blast media fits into our philosophy of providing an environmentally sensible, non-hazardous to workers method of cleaning and de-painting. With so many great blast media types available, there really is no need to be considering more toxic or hazardous methods. And remember “soft abrasive” is a relative term – at least 95% of the time these abrasives are more than up to the job. Please call to determine the suitability for your application.

Of course, we have the safety training necessary for your project, including WHMIS, confined space, fall arrest, scissorlift and boom, etc. Our lead person is a civil engineering technologist with 20 plus years experience in the construction / maintenance industry. Experience includes project management in civil construction and the fire and water damage restoration industry, including coordinating and overseeing projects of varying sizes and complexities. We are well positioned to handle any size project.

services Southern and Central Ontario, serving Toronto ( GTA ), Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Barrie, Georgetown, Acton, Guelph, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Oshawa, Milton and other neighboring areas. We are available throughout Ontario and beyond, depending on the project. Please inquire about your particular project.

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